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Question by  jammycakes (13)

What should you do about a thigh muscle that popped?

I was playing soccer and I think my thigh muscle popped.


Answer by  bouks999 (496)

If i were you i would go to the doctor. You might have to stop playing soccer for a little bit. If you are in too much pain.


Answer by  catewheeler (289)

Most muscles strains, including a popped tight muscle, can be treated with the RICE method: Rest the injured muscle. Ice directly on the skin. Compress with a bandage to avoid swelling. Elevate the injury higher than your heart.


Answer by  askandyoushallreceive (658)

You should keep icing it for twenty minutes on and twenty minutes off. Then you should go see your physician or athletic trainer as soon as you can. A pop is probably a torn muscle or ligament.


Answer by  elb (1105)

Risk of re-injury is high with a strain or tear: have a physician evaluate this before playing sports again. Use Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation until you see the doctor.


Answer by  Mike38 (5)

The proper response to a popped thigh muscle depends on how that muscle was initially popped. If it was injured in a soccer match and if your team is in danger of losing the game should you decide to leave, you ought to tough it out.


Answer by  Marsha (2337)

With a pulled muscle, the best thing for it would be rest. Don't try and stretch it out or work it out. Ice will keep swelling down, just do not leave the ice on for too long. Also, if the pain is unbearable or it does not start to get better, see a doctor. It could be something worse.

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