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Question by  nsmith21137 (22)

How do I go about drum sanding a wood deck?

I need to drum sand my wood deck.


Answer by  Jakecutter (1819)

Pick the sort of sort of belt you want to use. Drum Sanders have a variety of abrasive belts to take certain amounts of thickness and layers off the wood. Don't sand then boards too thin or they will break under pressure.


Answer by  Petalmaker1 (263)

A drum sander is an ideal piece of equipment to sand your wooden deck, as it has a variety of abrasive belts. check for loose planks, jutting nails or screws and other objects before drum sanding. Then ensure that you use a pair of safety goggles before sanding your deck.


Answer by  MrHardware (369)

First follow with the grain in the deck boards. Secondly only use as coarse a sandpaper as you have to: 24-36 grit to level, 40-80 grit to remove finish.


Answer by  lisa95 (11)

Make sure all nail and Screws are sunk. Start with a 36 grit sand paper to remove old stain and paint. Whenn all paint/ Stain is removed, switch to a 100-200 grit to get a smooth finish.

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