Question by  mymimikitty (15)

How can I keep sand bees away from my yard?

I have a sandbox for my kids, and I do not want sand bees anywhere near.


Answer by  NJames (58)

The best methods I know of are keeping the ground moist and having as flew flowers in your yard as possible. You could also put mothballs around the yard to deter them from making hives in the ground. Boric acid also works well at keeping them away and killing them if you have an infestation.


Answer by  Langleylove (14)

First thing you can do is try to find the nest or hive and dispose of it. If you can't do this, there are other ways of luring them away. Make sure there are no flowers near the box. Make sachets with moth balls inside and place them near by or mix boric acid in the sand.


Answer by  MartinFarmakov (285)

Water...Water is the answer for all of the bees kinds. If your yard is not grass, if its dirt or cement you keep it wet most of the time. If its grass then keep it dry and with less flowers.


Answer by  Andie (38)

Mix powdered boric acid into the sand, which will break up the burrows the bees have created. Boric acid is not toxic to humans but is to bees. Cover sandbox when not being used. Put juice, or a sweet syrup in a bee catching trap away from the sandbox.

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