Question by  weirdchan (13)

How do I clean a clogged printer head?

I have an Epson 860 inkjet printer.


Answer by  JNorton (79)

It might be possible to clean a print head clog by wiping with rubbing alcohol. Take a Q-tip soaked in alcohol and gently rub the print head.


Answer by  alsoftware (117)

there are special solvents available. just have a little trip on ebay and you'll find a lot. Just keep in mind your printer head will need to dry for a few days before you start to print again. Also you will experience bad printing for the first pages but quality will be normal after a few print outs


Answer by  mcmario2007 (786)

Most printers have a utility program to self clean. Do this several times and it will resolve the problem especially if dried ink is stuck to the printer head blocking the ink to the page. If the self cleaning method does not work turn off the printer for a few hours and use the self clean option again.


Answer by  Valentine62 (2131)

You must first click Start, Control Panel, Printers, then right click on the printer you want to clean. Click Printing Preferences, then click Maintenance and then Head Cleaning and Start.


Answer by  danpersand (246)

the printer software has a utity to clean the print heads. Running it 4 or 5 times will usually fix minor blockages. If the cleaning pages don't improve you could take the printer apart, remove the heads, soak them in rubbing alcohol for a few hours, let them dry for a day or so, then reassemble the printer.


Answer by  Benjamin (69)

Usually there is a feature for this within your printer's software on your computer. If that doesn't work after 2-3 tries, isopropyl alcohol on a swab will do the trick


Answer by  Misty65 (37)

On most printers you can go into the menu under maintenance and find an option to clean the printer head.


Answer by  Jalaine11 (2043)

Your printer may have a self clean program you can run. You may need to try it several times if the clog is bad.


Answer by  hammad (29)

Yes be very careful in cleaning it, it may not work if you do it in wrong way. Open the lid, and apply some perfume and clean with tissue paper.

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