Question by  worker3346 (13)

How can I get my printer to print special characters?

I can see the characters in the document on the screen but they aren't on the page when it prints.


Answer by  zombo (14)

From a regular desktop type the special characters on a Microsoft Word or a Word program it should be print with the special characters. If you need to use those unique characters just hold down on the Alt key and enter a number code on the number keypad.


Answer by  lancepea (84)

The only way to get your printer to print special characters is to type the special characters on any kind Microsoft Word program. All you have to do is find the special character or special symbol and type it on the Microsoft Word program and it should print exactly what you type.


Answer by  ambo1516 (160)

You cant print special characters in your printer by looking for the set up options for you to check some set up there so you can print special characters.


Answer by  Me51 (357)

You probably aren't using a "True Type" font; it will appear the same when printed as on your screen. In the font list, look for fonts that have a "tt".

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