Question by  James20 (91)

How can I clean print jet on a Lexmark Z52?

I can tell the ink jet is clogged.


Answer by  zombieguy (986)

If the built-in cleaning function, accessible by right clicking on your printer icon and selecting Properties, doesn't work, remove the cartridge and pur a few drops of isopropyl alcohol into the nozzle, then scrub them with a q-tip dipped in alcohol. Allow it to evaporate before replacing the cartridge.


Answer by  shantri (142)

Get a tissue paper or a clean cloth. Damp it with liquid alcohol or water (alcohol is preferred). Take out the cartridge from the container and clean the bottom part.


Answer by  NarenMukherjee (308)

Clean the nozzles using clean paper and the Clean Print Nozzles (or similar) command. This command come with the print driver and installs on the PC with the driver.


Answer by  kseve (46)

Remove the ink cartridges from the printer and apply a Lysol wipe to the inside of the printer. Remove all ink stains from printer circuits. Clean underneath each ink cartridge and shake the cartridge slightly, allow to dry and then replace.


Answer by  archie (73)

It is very easy just remove the cartridge and pour a few drops of isopropyl alcohol into the nozzle, then scrub them with a q-tip dipped in alcohol. And allow it to evaporate first before replacing the cartridge.


Answer by  murali680 (559)

While cleaning print jet, we should clean the following components. First clean the print nozzle, cartridge and print jet by tissue paper after damping this paper into liquid alcohol. Then reinstall all the components.


Answer by  murali680 (559)

First clean the printer nozzle by tissue paper after damp it alcohol if it is not available use water. Then install it on correct place.


Answer by  IAB (141)

You can't clean the print jet, all you can do is get a new one. Unless you have an electron microscope of course.


Answer by  John13 (186)

Typically, the software that comes with your printer has a utility that will clean these nozzles for you. I do not recommend that you try any other way to clean the nozzle.


Answer by  Cheerio (81)

Your printer should have a self-cleaning option when the application is open on your computer, to clean the ink cartridges. Good luk.

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