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Question by  SSivaSubramanian (26)

How can I clean and preserve an extracted wisdom tooth?

I would like to keep my wisdom tooth, how do I clean it?


Answer by  shmcsgrl (32)

Once the tooth has been extracted it shouldn't need much to preserve it. To clean it you could simply use warm salt water and/or baking soda after wards or you could always brush it with your tooth paste and tooth brush. You wouldn't want to use anything too harsh as it may damage the tooth and it's preservatives, destroying it.


Answer by  toothpick51 (24)

First, rinse off the loose surrounding gum tissue. Then, use some gauze to remove the stubborn leftover bits. Finally, give it a thorough rinse with denatured alchohol, and leave it to dry. That is what my dentist did for all 4 of my wisdom teeth.


Answer by  Anonymous

My oral surgeon told me to go home clean them with soap and warm water then use a small amount of bleach to clean them again. That should preserve them, I also had all four wisdom teeth extracted and this worked for me.


Answer by  Anonymous

first, get rid of the blood and gum tissue as much as you can...just keep it in a solution with alcohol...that would dissolve remaining bits...and keep it from any kind of bacteria...i got my wisdom teeth taken out one by one...haha i'm too old for the tooth fairy... :)

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