Question by  Nick83 (11)

How do I change .rar files to mp3?


Answer by  mtwx (43)

Download a free RAR extraction program such as 7-zip and use it to open the RAR. Then, select the MP3 you want (it may be hidden inside folders) and drag and drop it to your Music folder. From there, you can treat it as a normal MP3 music file. Have fun.


Answer by  Rano (84)

. rar files are archived files. You have to unpack them with some of the popular programs, winrar, winzip or other. Then you can approach mp3 files.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well a rar is a archive o compressed file. The files inside must be extracted by a program like Winzip or 7zip. Then you can listen to the mp3.


Answer by  worker4321 (104)

I recomand you to use the program called Switch. I use it daily for conversions like this one and i can say that it's the best


Answer by  geethapriya (239)

The. rar files should change to mp3 by using the software. The converter software. rar to mp3 will change the audio file.

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