Question by  trumpetchris (13)

What is the process of filing a real estate lien?

I need to file a lien on someones home for non payment of services and need directions on how to do this.


Answer by  FluffyKitty (109)

I had to file a claim with the Clerk of the Courthouse. Then I got a date for a hearing with a judge. The judge luckily agreed with me and issued a court order that I got to file with my lien in the court.


Answer by  Flutterbye (161)

You need a court judgment in most states before you can file a lien. Basically you need to prove in a court of law that they owe you money. The judge will rule on your case. At that time you can then file the notice of lien in the courthouse.

Reply by DixieDaisy (112):
Not in all states. Here in Missouri you have to go to the County Recorder office and take any contractual papers and proof of debt with you. The filing officer makes the determination right then and there.  add a comment

Answer by  BrianC2 (117)

What State do you live in and which city? Since the answer can differ depending on where you live I don't think I can answer your question. You should probably contact a local attorney who offers free phone consultations and is an expert in your local real estate laws.

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