Question by  Skiz (56)

How do I change my filing status after the death of my husband?

I need to know how to file my taxes now that my husband has died.


Answer by  PZ (1206)

If your husband died this year, you can still file a joint return for 2009. After that, your filing status will depend on whether you have any dependents or remarry.


Answer by  bash (1026)

Being a lady, you have some exemption in paying taxes. In addition, you have several loopholes from paying taxes. If you consult a Chartered Accountant and produce the documents as required by him, he will file the return on behalf of you if a small consultation fee is paid.


Answer by  louisranjhanyahooin (109)

After your beloved husband death, you can fill status by thinking his beautiful and cared services, try to fulfill his ambitions and desires, rendering all possible helps to poor in the name of your husband, live your life as he likes to the maximum extent and adore him every day.


Answer by  Scot (591)

There are generally only three filing status types: (1) single, (2) married filing jointly, or (3) married filing separately. Option (3) may be for you.

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