Question by  psrasheedymailcom (9)

How can you make yourself sick?


Answer by  justmesuzanne (625)

There are many ways to make yourself sick: worry, improper diet, lack of rest, too much exercise, exposure to the elements, exposure to others who are sick, or simply the power of thought (willing yourself) can all make you sick.


Answer by  florencia (5)

We went to a carnival and get on an octopus ride. After the ride, I had this tremendous headache that didn't allow me to go to school.


Answer by  deerrun (117)

There are many ways of making your self sick. It depends on which sickness you are wanting to aquire. The easiest is vomiting, just stick your finger down your throat.


Answer by  jmrdflcarpenter (515)

You can go visit friends, family, or anybody that you that has some kind of sickness and you will more than likely catch what they have. Just make sure that it contagious first before you go visit them, because if it is not contagious than you shall not get sick.

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