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Question by  EricMontambo (32)

What could it mean if I am passing out when I am sick?

Every time I get sick I pass out.


Answer by  jangell700 (101)

It could mean you are not eating correctly to get the correct nutritional value to heal on. It could also mean your sugar levels are way off and they need to be checked.


Answer by  Anonymous

I have the same problem and was diagnosed with vasovagal syncope. You need a tilt table test to prove this.


Answer by  noey1958 (1405)

You could have low blood pressure and this can make you pass out when standing up quick. Also this is known as syncopy if there is no reason for you to pass out. Besides being dehydrated from throwing up, you should have this checked by a doctor as this could happen while driving.


Answer by  janedoe (701)

It's likely that either your blood pressure or blood sugar are low. If you find you tend to lose your appetite when your sick, your blood sugar could be low. often being sick means being dehydrated, and that equals low blood pressure as well, so try drinking fluids. Most importantly, if it's happening a lot, see your doctor!!


Answer by  StingRay (471)

It means you need to go to the doctor. Unless you already have a very low constitution(you have trouble making it to the mailbox) passing out when you're sick means you have low blood pressure or you already have something else wrong with you thats draining your stability. Go get a checkup.


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

If you are passing out every time that you are getting sick it could mean that your iron is low. Ask your doctor to make sure that you are not diabetic. Maybe it is your diet.


Answer by  dedre (998)

Everyone has different tolerance levels when it comes to sickness, disturbance, and pain. When a person faints from any of these, it could be due to their tolerance level.


Answer by  A36 (629)

You may just be prone to vasovagal syncopes (the common faint), which can be triggered by dehydration, low blood pressure, or stress, all of which are likely in play when you are sick.


Answer by  Anonymous

You are not consuming enough of the right foods or your blood sugar is really low. If this keeps happening, go see your doctor!

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