Question by  Naveen (34)

How can I met new people, I am very lonely?

My family lives far away and I do not know many people where I live.


Answer by  katie77 (96)

Go to places that have the kind of people you want to meet. Go to Church, the library, pubs, clubs, bars, the beach, the roller rink, the ice rink, and museums. Take an art class or class or something you would like to learn.


Answer by  Cathy65 (652)

You could join an organization or club, either in person or online. You could also become active in a religious organization or volunteer for a non-profit agency. Many restaurants and bars have singles nights that you could attend. All of these things will help you meet new people in your area.


Answer by  Anonymous

Well you can start drinking every nite and then scope out some local bars, its best to get drunk before you go so you will spend less money. Show up a couple hours before closing time and grab a drink and start talking to people,fill your pockets with condoms!

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