Question by  4lizzieb (120)

When you met your soul mate, how did you know?

If you have, I mean...


Answer by  jwshon (5)

The first time I saw him, I felt he had something he wanted to say to me. He told me that he was the type to marry once and forever and felt it would be with me. That was 30 years ago and I love him as much today!


Answer by  littlebit (5)

it was like a magnet pulling me to him. his voice was familiar, like i had been listening to him for 100 years- only id just met him. he knew his way around me as if i were his twin. he is now my husband :)


Answer by  Anonymous

I saw it in his eyes, it was as if I was looking at my eyes and felt immediate attraction and affection for him. We got together but had to break up because he is way younger but the connection was there. However there are more than 1 soulmates!


Answer by  Anonymous

My favorate name in the whole world when i was growing up was Joshua. Then 4 years ago i fell in love with this guy at first sight,we just connected. When i said to my friend "who IS that ?" she said "oh,you mean Josh?" Then i knew.


Answer by  Eia (24)

After about a year I knew this was the man that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. He could finish my sentences or I could finish his sentences and we had so much in common. I never knew that I could meet someone that I could have all the same interests.


Answer by  CarolynOsborne (2804)

He and I played music together--twin fiddles. I had the feeling that he spoke a language that I knew from how we played music. I have played music with a lot of people, but never had that sense before.

posted by Anonymous
Exactly, like the chemistry from the music rubs off on the the way you are together, you have this bond where everything and anything you do and play will be amazing and sound good, what a feeling.  add a comment

Answer by  kat43netzerocom (52)

My soul mate died 5 years ago, we met on my first day at work when he had to train me for the job and by the end of the day we were flirting so much that I knew he was the one. He was so attentive, there was no way that he wasn't interested.

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