Question by  altos (224)

What should I do if I think my neighbor is stealing my electricity?

The amount of KWH/day increased by 50% since they moved in. They seem shady. And, I hear a new and occasional clicking noise in the area of the outlet on the wall I share with them. I suspect they've spliced it that power line. Who do I call?


Answer by  Hotarustar232 (34)

Call your electric company, and have someone come out and check your meter. Tell them what you suspect, and that they will come out and check it, as promptly as they can. I had this issue and had to goto the manager in the company, and took care ofIt instantly.GoodLuck!


Answer by  slade (6)

I'm not certain about the clicking noise, but if you suspect foul play in the vicinity of that outlet you can shut off the power, open it up, and take a look. If there's still a problem you can discuss it with your land lord, neighbor, or the police.


Answer by  junebug0720 (270)

I would call the electric company and have them re-read the meter. Also show them copies of your last bills prior to the move in and see if they will check the lines to see if they have been tampered with.

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