Question by  dora (5)

How can I have my husband submit to a drug test if he wants to pick our kids up?

we aren't legally separated and he is the sole provider for our family- and he's used narcotics on and off for over a year, for which i have no real proof, but i'm scared for my kids.


Answer by  Marsha (2337)

You probably need real proof because he isn't going to agree to it unless a judge orders him to. Does he have any convictions or arrests? Ask you lawyer to write it in the agreement that he can't use drugs while with the children.

Reply by dora (5):
good idea-- thnx  add a comment

Answer by  Stylee (48)

Sounds to me like you need to just make the drug test, the stipulation of him getting to see your kids at all. If he truly has a drug problem, I would suggest getting some proof in case you do need to haul him into court to protect your kids.

Reply by dora (5):
how about hair stand testing-- would that be proof enough? how about paraphanalia i\'ve found in our family car & house? is that proof or would i be held crimal for possessing those items? thnx for your answers  add a comment

Answer by  Lynore (191)

If you think you can't even approach him on the subject, what you can do is find one of his hairs, on a brush, or on his shirt, just pick it off and tell him it's just lint. Then you can send the hair in for a lab analysis.


Answer by  GoblinsLot (48)

Sadly the only way you could get him to take a drug test is if you tricked him into it or just straight out asked him too. If you are worried for the safety of your children, then you can always offer to pick the kids up instead.

Reply by dora (5):
he agreed to it-- but when he's been using, he "won't jump through my hoops" gets hostile and paranoid... of course he won't do it then. he's only submited to one clean u. a. in nearly a year--  add a comment

Answer by  lynn (821)

i don't know that there is anything you can do legally to make him take a drug test. it might be better if you were separated then the court could step in in the matter.

Reply by dora (5):
thnx-- we are separated, but not legally. guess i\'ll have to go that route.  add a comment

Answer by  Anonymous

if you put it into the agreement that he can't use drugs while with the children. then he could use drugs before he picks up the kids? I also needed proof that my usband was using so i took some urine from the toilet that only he uses, home test.

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