Question by  Chinsa13 (40)

Does Adderall show up on drug tests?

I have to take a drug test for my job and I was just wondering if they would be able to tell I take Adderall?


Answer by  John (9008)

It depends upon the exact drugs for which they are testing. Adderall will show up on most broad drug tests; however, if they are using a more specific (and usually cheaper) test for just marijuana, for example, it would not show up. However, their test will most likely be checking for drugs like Adderall.


Answer by  h (364)

Your medical conditions and history will not be shown to your employer or possible employer. When you go to complete the drug test, take you Adderall prescription, or at least your doctor's contact information. If you inform them ahead of time, there will be no problems when you complete the test.


Answer by  MagicSchoolBus (42)

First, I don't think Adderall is an illegal drug to consume (unless of course you got it illegally) so I doubt they'll be looking for Adderall specifically. What you do need to worry about is if Adderall simulates conditions in your body that an illegal drug would give.

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