Question by  VITHI (6)

Will Benadryl show up in a drug test?

I have to take a drug test for work soon.


Answer by  Taylor (863)

No Benadryl is an over the counter drug and is not tested for when it comes to work drug test. They usually test for: Prescription drugs, Schedule I and II drugs (Such as Marijuana, Meth, opium, etc. ) Just make sure you don't drink alcohol 3-5 days before your drug test they may test for that.


Answer by  jsmith (2067)

I very much doubt that your employer is testing for that specific drug, as they are usually more concerned with the more commonly abused opiates, marijuana, etc. However, the active ingredient in Benadryl, Diphenhydramine, is metabolized in the liver and excreted in your urine. Its theoretically possible to find it.


Answer by  rosieposey78 (1304)

Drug tests will usually test urine and look for drugs that are illegal such as marijuana, cocaine, opiates like heroin, and PCP. There are substances and medications that may cause a false positve drug test. Benadryl is listed as one of the drugs that will not produce a false positive.


Answer by  vikkyrs (377)

The answer is yes. Benadryl can be shown positive for Methadone. It can be detected where as even poppy seeds can be detected as morphine.


Answer by  Anonymous

captain anonymous here, your all wrong, sorry... im on probation and take frequent drug tests. benedryl shows a false positive for phencyclidine, or pcp, happened to me, explained to probation officer, he trusted me and threw out the test. be open and honest about what you take PLEASE

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