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Question by  vivek (31)

How can I burn games to my xbox 360?


Answer by  fiddlefaddle (883)

You need a burner that is capable of burning dual layered DVDs and a blank dual layered DVD+R. Then you would need to search for game images that are in. ISO format. You need to change your Xbox 360's firmware to be guarantee that you can play the backup.


Answer by  michaeldang (29)

First you will need to mod your xbox, you can find many people that will do this for a fee on craigslist. You will need dual layer dvd's to burn xbox 360 games. A good company for these disks is memorex. Download the iso and use a iso burning program.


Answer by  noodles101 (238)

You can't. But you can download games to your harddrive through the x-box live marketplace. These games will cost you microsoft points, which can be purchashed through you Xbox live account or on cards you can buy at any retail store (like walmart).


Answer by  notcrack (7)

How do I burn XBOX 360 games? Open IMGBurn and select - Write image file to disc. Once opened click the small file symbol and browse to the file and select. Once loaded insert a DVD+R DL. In the write settings choose a low speed to burn at


Answer by  moma2boys (48)

Make sure you have the New Xbox Experience. On the game title screen on the dashboard press Y button instead of A button.


Answer by  gman9976 (248)

You can burn all the games you want from the internet but in the end you will have to have your xbox 360 modified to plsy burned games. A search on the internet will give you the places that will charge you a fee to do this. It will be worth it.

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