Question by  babalu (177)

What are some great birthday games for 13 year olds?

My son will soon be having his 13th birthday party, I need game ideas for girls and boys.


Answer by  Anonymous

Bring them to an indoor kart racing place. Its really fun. Or lazer tag. but not paintball (owww) By the way i am a 13yr old GIRL and a real girly girl for a matter of fact.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

I would suggest having a scavenger hunt. Make a list of things the boys have to find through out the neighborhood or park. Most kids enjoy this and talk about it for years to come.


Answer by  step (309)

Badmitten, do a round robbin. Draw the names out of a 2 hats, team a boy with a girl. You could have a chart with a prize at the end. Also have a losers bracket so everyone gets a second chance if they need it.

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