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Question by  Benzo (14)

What are some of the newest ps2 games for young children?

I want games for my seven and eight year old children that are safe.


Answer by  Jacob46 (37)

As the PS2 is fading, I still know some very good games that are older, very inexpensive, and also very safe for children. My top two titles are the "Ratchet and Clank" and "Jak and Daxter" franchises. Both of these games focus on a central hero aiming to take down the bad guy with an array of goofy weapons.


Answer by  Kegster (57)

I work in retail and the most popular games would be: My first choice would be Ice Age the Meltdown it is based on a popular kids movie. The next game would have to be Family Game Night. This is a great game for families to play together.


Answer by  Robert90 (155)

I think you should buy them Kung Fu Panda, Lego Indiana Jones, Shrek The Third or High School Musical: Sing It. The games are very safe.


Answer by  Zrafidim (107)

A few games for younger children for the ps2 are Up, based off the movie, The Incredibles, Dora the Explorer, and Nicktoons Unite. Gh!

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