Question by  Brad (34)

Do different color candles burn differently?

I need to know if it matters what color candle I burn.


Answer by  Anonymous

I just did this exact project tonight and the yellow candles burned faster than the Red, white, blue, pink, or green, in the walmart brand of small birthday candles


Answer by  dertr (147)

If the candles are from the same box and the only difference is color, they will probably burn at the same rate. However, if the candles have different chemical composition or different size (for example because they are made by different companies) they may burn at different rates, regardless of their color.


Answer by  Anonymous

That is not true... Actually, I tested these candles, and yes from the same box. The darker candles really burn the fastest because there is more wax used to make that color. It may not be like that on all candles, but it was on all the ones I tried.


Answer by  jkmavelil (76)

No. The color that is seen on the candle is actually the color mixed with the wax during the manufacturing. It has nothing to do with burning. no matter what ever color you use the candle flame will show the same color. The color used is for attractive purpose only.


Answer by  jsmith (2067)

Referring to the wax base of the candle, differences in color are likely caused only by differences in inert the pigments added - so things like flame temperature won't change.

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