Question by  MPyles (201)

What are some free preschool games?

I need games to play at a carnival fundraiser.


Answer by  Ella22 (610)

Some homemade games are: the ring toss, pick the floating duck out of the water, throw the ball through the cutout holes (they go from large to small), swing at a homemade pinata, bowling down pins to get a strike, or pin the tail on the donkey (you can do some variations such as pin the flower on the stem).


Answer by  Cindy56 (60)

One easy to make game is the Fishing Game. A simple fishing pole is made from a dowel with string attached to one end. Fasten a magnet at the end of the string to "catch" a laminated fish with a paperclip attached. The prize is written on the fish's back.


Answer by  okcmouseketeer (779)

You can do things like ring toss using bowling pins to toss onto, bean bag toss tossing bag into another item, prize wheels are good too.


Answer by  DraftEm (244)

A super fun preschool game is Simon Says. Tell the preschoolers to do something, prefacing the action with Simon Says.

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