Question by  Andrea33 (29)

Does the ProFry work well?

I love fried foods, and it would be great to make some myself, but I want one that actually works.


Answer by  TPPinDFW (19)

After reading reviews from owners of the ProFry, I've surmised that this product works sufficiently for the home cook. However, a consistent product flaw, indicated that the largest complaint about the equipment was that it consistently fails to reach a temperature hot enough to satisfy most users. Additional reviews complimented the product for its design, as well as its capacity.


Answer by  nebmir (19)

Unlike a frying pan ProFry is excellent for deep frying. Unfortunately the downside is the big usage of cooking oil which means that it is not the most economic way for deep frying, on the plus side this way you can prepare yourself a delicious meal in a matter of minutes.


Answer by  djb228 (510)

The ProFry is easy to use. Its basket is large, and it has good temperature controls. I wish I could drain oil more easily, but I'm very happy with mine.


Answer by  JenT (166)

Reviews from consumers indicate that the ProFry does work quite well. It cooks food quite fast and is large so it is ideal for a large family.

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