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Question by  John6260 (11)

Does Smartburn work?

I am tired of trying products that don't work.


Answer by  monkeyz (3150)

While SmartBurn does contain ingredients shown to encourage weight loss, the formula itself probably does not contain a significant enough amount of these ingredients to do anything really beneficial. There are no magic pills, and nothing is going to benefit you as well as a balanced diet low in refined sugar and refined carbs, coupled with some moderate exercise.


Answer by  Zazu (195)

None of the weight loss and fat burn products work until one switches to a healthy lifestyle, which is doing regular physical activity and eating right. If you are leading a healthy lifestyle, these definitely will help you to a little extent. But, please consult your doctor before using this.


Answer by  Steve31 (142)

The active ingredient in Iovate Health Science's Smart Burn is African hoodia extract. Hoodia has been proven in various studies to promote a chemical effect in the brain that promotes weight loss by fooling the body into thinking it is full. Smartburn however, lacks the necessary amount of hoodia extract to provide a genuine feeling of fullness and satisfaction.


Answer by  Sting1 (686)

I'll tell you what will work. A proper diet (eating healthy food) and regular exercise. Diet pills are just a scam. If you want to lose weight consult a nutritionist.

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