Question by  Wren (23)

Does Rid-X work?


Answer by  jkc (258)

Rid-X does work or they would not market the product, it breaks down unwanted substances in the water system by using bacteria and enzymes, these break down fats oils paper and many unwanted substances that are harm full to you system and keep it in good running order free from problems.


Answer by  dhd (93)

In most cases it is not necessary, since there are plenty of bacteria in human waste. However, if you have flushed bleach or other strong bactericidal substances down your septic system, it may be useful. Some people have also used yeast treatments which are apparently quite a lot cheaper than Rid-X.


Answer by  Jolie (1227)

Yes it does work very well and it is also safe for the environment. For some it takes longer than for others to get rid of pests.


Answer by  Darrell (316)

From my experience with using Rid-X with a septic system it really does seem to work. I follow the directions and pour the suggested amount in each toilet of my home every month, and so far have had no problems with seepage, backups, repairs and getting the septic tank pumped.


Answer by  pablo92 (44)

Yes rid-x works by the action of enzymes but your tank already has enzymes working in it to break everything down, rid x just helps.


Answer by  ravalradheshyam (38)

Yes,Red-x works as soon as they come in contact with water. The bacteria takes 2 hours to germinate and then begin to break down to solid waste.If temperature and condition are favourable then the bacteria will multiply to maximumlevel that environment will allow in about 2-4 days.Since septic systems vary,the speed at which bacteria and enzymes break down waste varies.


Answer by  db (90)

I have tried Rid-X in the past 3 months, and did not have a good outcome with it. The product did not work as promised, and I was disappointed, because I expected more from the product.


Answer by  Jason80 (99)

No. While it claims to break down solids inside your septic tank, take into consideration how much an average tank holds. One small box of anything is not going to break down over 100 gallons of solid waste.


Answer by  worker4855 (20)

Yes generally Rid-X works very well unless you have a very solid blockage well underneath your house such as flushed tampons or other densely bundled items.


Answer by  snceflyf (448)

I have only tried Rid-X one time. I was more pleased with the results of other brands, so I did not buy it again.


Answer by  BeefStrule (690)

It works pretty good. I can say this as someone who has used a LOT of it. Just be careful not to use too much.


Answer by  Anonymous

I know a chemist who says Rid-x mixes the scum,sludge,and water layers into a slurry that plugs your leach field costing several thousand$ to replace vs a few hundred$ to have your tank pumped.You are better off not using it.

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