Question by  Coral26 (12)

How does DNS work?

I need to have an understanding of how DNS works to make my computer work while on the internet.


Answer by  alexdamian (192)

When you type an address in you web browser address bar, such as google. com, the browser sends a request to a DNS server which responds with the IP address of that site. DNS allows you to use words to describe websites, rather than numbers.


Answer by  AlfonsoMaruccia (13)

The DNS term stands for Domain Name System. It's a series of "root servers" that converts common web addresses in IP addresses intelligible by network devices, routers and so on


Answer by  XTC46 (394)

DNS is a translator between doman names like and their IP addresses. Each computer is given a DNS server to ask to translate the name you type in.


Answer by  at (18)

DNS is an acronym for domain name service. People remember words, but computers like numbers. When you enter a URL (Web address) into your favorite browser, the computer sends a request to a DNS server. The server resolves the IP address that matches domain.


Answer by  seemoreglass (93)

Technically there are special servers called name servers to quickly resolve a domain () into an ip address for speed. You can figure out google's ip address and type it in instead of . However ip's change when disconnected from the internet so it makes sense to use domains.


Answer by  pv7721 (116)

DNS means Domain Name System. At the beginning of the Internet, there was a single file listing all the domain names with their address IPs (the numbers are harder to remember than names). Nowadays this is a hierarchical system, with several TLD (top level domains) like , or .us, which contain subdomains, which can hold one ore more machines.


Answer by  nickl2000 (540)

DNS stands for Domain Name Server. Basically your computer has a link to a server that is holding a very large list of IP address and Domain names that match together. When you type in a domain name (i.e. ), it looks up in that list the IP


Answer by  Lane (67)

DNS is used to match the name of a website with its unique IP address. Your Internet Service Provider offers a DNS server that does this for you.

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