Question by  Ranger1398 (33)

My Nortoon Anti-Virus is unable to remove the trojan from my computer. What should I do?

My Norton is up-to-date.


Answer by  rlb3 (86)

Certain viruses are designed to target specific anti-virus software packages, so you have to use an alternative anti-virus to remove them. AVG and AVAST are free anti-virus packages that you can download via Google. You will need to temporarily uninstall Norton whilst you run AVG/AVAST on your computer, then re-install Norton once the computer is clear.


Answer by  Bob1240 (6)

You should try an alternate piece of software like Malware bytes anti-malware software or, as a last resort something like Combofix.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Usually you can find a virus specific removal tool online. Just do some searching and you should be able to locate one. Then just follow the directions provided with it.


Answer by  gigo (1706)

If the virus can not be deleted, try to build a boot image with norton on it. Then make the scan again from this bootable version.

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