Question by  Nicole12 (30)

Who was the Joker's female sidekick?

I need help with batman trivia, concerning the joker and his sidekick.


Answer by  PonchosMom (28)

The Joker's female side kick is Harley Quinn. She was created for a cartoon adaptation on Batman and did not appear in comic books until after the cartoon series was made. Comic book fans seem to like and accept her as part of the Batman legacy despite the fact that she was actually made for TV.


Answer by  Bob19 (34)

Joker's female sidekick was called Harley Quinn. She originally appeared in the animated series in Episode 22, aired in September 1992


Answer by  SteveO (147)

The name of the Joker's female sidekick is Harley Quinn. She has been portrayed like a female Joker from a deck of cards in a black, red, and white outfit.

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