Question by  sandhya09 (7)

Do amulets and talismans work?


Answer by  EchoC (553)

Some people believe they truly work. Many other people, however, believe they work in a way similar to traditional good luck charms. This means that they may work or seem to work, but the reason for this is because the person carrying them is giving them that meaning and power.


Answer by  senviak (10)

i believe they do, i have no proof as of yet, but sooner or later i will prove this to everyone then all the people who don't believe me, finally will, then i can say that i was right and they were wrong and i will finally be able to give them to friends without them freaking out on me.


Answer by  SimonLC (234)

Amulets and talismans work for those who believe in them. When you believe in the forces of the universe, the universe conspires in your favor. In other words, those who believe in amulets and talismans achieve results.

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