Question by  Mkultra (24)

How are tailsman and amulets used in astrology?

I need to learn more about the use of the tailsman and the amulet in astrology.


Answer by  mgoodman (204)

In my experience, talismans and amulets are not particularly used in astrology. They certainly are not NECESSARY, although some people wear astrological glyphs and symbols as jewelry, the same way that a Christian wears a cross or girls wear heart earrings.


Answer by  MagusWagus (7)

Basically, talismans are used to keep something away, amulets to bring something to you. You need to make the talisman or amulet in a form that is sympathetic with what you want, and the astrological sign that has influence over it. Charging during that sign makes it more powerful.


Answer by  Aleksandra90 (62)

They are used in astrology. Talismans attract good, vital energy, wealth, health, beauty, long life. On the other hand, amulets refuse to reduce the influence of evil, unseen forces.

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