Question by  DaiHiep (25)

Can you suggest the type of lightening to use when talking a child's portrait picture?


Answer by  BookMonger (147)

Taking the photo outside will do wonders. First of all, it creates a nontraditional setting, so the portrait will be unique. Next, natural lighting is the easiest to photograph with, it's most flattering to the majority of skin types and will make the photo feel natural and not seem posed. Try using a flash outdoors for a unique feel.


Answer by  Alan58 (98)

When taking a child's portrait, use soft fluorescent lighting that illuminates their face without blowing it out. Try pointing the lights either directly at the child's face or at the ceiling. If you point it at the ceiling, it will reflect onto the child's face, resulting in what photographers call "diffused lighting. "


Answer by  john44 (42)

I would use available light if possible. Children don't sit still very long and studio lights are distracting. Allow them to be themsselvs in close proximity to a good source of light preferebly from the Sun or good cloud cover. Shoot a number of photos when the light is good eand even when it is weak.


Answer by  Abbas (86)

This requires a soft light so that no harsh shadows are produced. Use umbrella or soft-box as main light. Give a bounce form the other side to reduce contrast and open up shadow detail. When using on-camera flash, apply bounce the flash technic.


Answer by  HH (404)

The softer the light, the better. For indoor portraits, use the light of a North facing window or a flash bounced of a wall or photographic umbrella. Outdoor: Bright overcast.

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