Question by  worker9426 (8)

When a child will not stop talking what does this mean?

My three year old talks constantly and never really says anything at all.


Answer by  raun08 (1839)

At three years old a child is learning a great deal about the world, every day is something new and exciting! The most important thing is language. What you hear as 'never says anything at all' is practice for something. We can't form words right off, or know how to use them, so we'll babble.


Answer by  Akshat (77)

Small childrens when learn to speak its something new for them. What is happening with your baby is very common in children who learn to speak. You should have worried if he dint speak that much.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

You need to realize that when signed up for this whole parenting thing that things aren't always going to be wonderful. Most Kids go through this talking phase around 2-3 years of age where all they do is chatter. Your child should out grow this after a while as most talkative children do.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

It means that he is a very courious child and has a lot to tell you. Give him some time and try and listen to him. Be thankful that he is talking.

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