Question by  jaiamar (17)

How do you locate a photographer who specializes in family portraits?

We want to do a formal portrait.


Answer by  Heather1932 (7)

The first step is to go to the google website. In the search bar type in photographers for a family portrait including the town and state that you live in. All the photographers in your area will appear and you may click on any website. The website will have all the photographers contract information and a sample of their work.


Answer by  matthewseth (12)

There are several ways to find professional photographers who specialize in family portraits. The ASMP, The Association of Media Photographers () has a list of photographers listed geographically. Using a google search with the words "portrait photographer" along with the city or town you live in will return great results.


Answer by  CaptureLife (82)

A great place to start is google or yellowpages. Also, call photographers that specialize in other areas and ask for suggestions. Art schols are a great place to find talent.


Answer by  ewam (403)

I would go online to a search engine and type in your city and state then, "family portait photographer." Chances are a local photographer will come up.

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