Question by  jana17 (34)

Can you explain what the strings mean in guzheng?

I need to understand more about guzheng instruments strings.


Answer by  jseda614 (17)

A guzheng's strings are made from steel with nylon wound around it. Formly made from spun silk. The number of strings can be anywhere from 6 to 23. A guzheng with 21 strings is the most common. The more strings, the higher the octaves of the instrument, i. e. 16 string has 3 octaves, 21 string has 4 octaves.


Answer by  JRS6216 (31)

The guzheng insturment strings were previously made from silk, later they were constructed of wire steel for high strings and copper wound steel for the bass strings, most mid 20th century most performers use steel strings flatwound with nylon.


Answer by  ferfer72 (2623)

I don't quite understand your question. They don't *mean* anything. They vibrate at different rates to play different notes. The copper-wound steel is for lower notes and the regular steel strings are for higher notes.

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