Question by  ibrahim (9)

What advice do you have about string of beads plant?

I got a string of beads plant this week.


Answer by  jamieellison (1637)

My strongest advice is to keep them in bright sunlight and to not overwater them. When overwatered, the plant will quickly die.


Answer by  carfixer (243)

They are tolerant of dry conditions. The plants grow well in CA and Africa. Something to be cautious of is that every part of these plants is toxic. They like heat, but not too much heat or direct sunlight, and are suitable for indoor use. These plants are also easier to manage indoors.


Answer by  worker81 (194)

Make sure you do not over-water this plant. It belongs in the succulent family and requires a minimal of water. Also, invest in Miracle Grow Palm and citrus soil, as this will give your succulent all the drainage and nutrients it needs. Keep soil a medium pH (5. 0-6. 0) and make sure you do not pack down the soil around it.


Answer by  fishlover49 (643)

Do not let your pets eat this plant, it is poisonous. Keep it in a basket in a south, east or west window where it will get a little bit of light. Be careful of overwatering the plant because it will die if overwatered. You can start another plant of a cutting of the original plant

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