Question by  joes (44)

What is the difference between g-strings and thongs?

I do not understand the difference between g-strings and thongs.


Answer by  ashleydoll (93)

Thongs have a wider piece of fabric covering the area between your cheeks. A g-string is simply a string between the cheeks--offering practically no coverage anywhere else as well.


Answer by  txgirl (67)

Thongs can be more full coverage, including fabric in front and around the sides. G-strings have only a small fabric triangle in front with 2 "strings" going over the hips and connecting in back to the string that runs from the triangle to the lower back (think butt floss).


Answer by  fegirl (27)

While g-strings and thongs are quite similar, the main difference is the section of fabric in the back. In a g-string, it is just like the name suggests- a thin "string-like" piece of fabric that goes between the buttocks. The thong has a thicker back piece. I hope this helps to clarify the difference for you.


Answer by  tash (7)

g string is simply a string that is hidden, a thong is thicker than the g string. a thong tends to have panty line where a g-sting doesn't.

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