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Question by  elenaonita (14)

Can you tell me the order of bass strings?

I need to string my bass guitar.


Answer by  BMW55 (35)

A bass guitar should be strung in a continuation from thicker to thinnest. That would be E on the bottom followed by A, D and G.


Answer by  helpfulpasserby1 (48)

The order of the strings on a bass guitar are E, A, D, G, just like strings 6-3 on an electric guitar, only an octave lower.


Answer by  bobbyllama (42)

The left-most string, or bottom tuning peg, is E. They sequentially follow as A, D and G. Once the E has been tuned, you can tune the other strings by holding down the preceding 5th fret and plucking both simultaneously. They should produce the same note. Adjust as necessary.


Answer by  fretlord420 (89)

Tuning a bass is similar to a regular guitar but in a lower octave. Tune your first (or highest note) string to G, the second to D, third string to A, and the fourth string to E. There are alternate tunings but this one is considered "standard tuning"


Answer by  bill14 (308)

A bass has four strings. The lowest and heaviest gauge string is pitched in E. This is at the top of your bass. As you continue to go downwards, the strings are A, D, and G.


Answer by  technogeek (6640)

From top to bottom (your chest to your belt) is low E, A, D and G. There are other tunings, but this is the standard tuning.

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