Question by  nietzsche (15)

How to string a crank fishing reel?

The reel in my fishing equipment needs to be re-stringed and I do not know how to do it.


Answer by  GrandmereC (145)

Use a slip knot/hitch to attach your line, put the reel on something that lets it rotate like a roast on a spit (maybe a pen), put tension on the line and starting cranking in the forward position. Have a buddy help you so it goes easier. Easy Peasy!

Reply by BonChance (93):
Yup that'll work but don't reel backwards at all which is a common mistake. You'll pay for it while casting.  add a comment

Answer by  Flutterbye (161)

If your crank reel is attached to the rod it is fairly easy to string. All you've got to do is feed the line down to the reel and start it reeling it from the tip on down. Tip: use half hitches to tie it off when you start.


Answer by  Sparky101 (366)

This best method to restring any type reel is with a relining station. You can purchase these any most outdoor/sporting stores. They work great.


Answer by  MusicalKate (109)

According to most experts if you are stringing a crank reel you should first take it apart and lube it. If you don't have the original instructions keep track of the parts and where they go so you can put it back together easily when you are done lubing.


Answer by  TOEKNEEJEE (310)

First you must rid the rod of any old string. Then tie a starter knot(google it) and then put the spool of string on a pliers or pencil and reel it in, making sure it zig zags back and forth.


Answer by  Georgemarc (53)

Fit reel to base of rod reel must be fastened. Get 9 feet of line past the leader. Line needs to be doubled when passing through. Pass through last guide.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well to string the reel, you want to pull the wire or string all the way to the bail. Make sure it is trapped into the hook and then pull accordingly.


Answer by  Craig61 (358)

Easist way is to have someone put a pencil through the center of the spool of new line. Then simply "reel in" until your spool is completely full.

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