Question by  Kari (48)

Can I have list of tips on how to become a model?

I know that I am tall enough to be a model, but do not know where to begin to have a career.


Answer by  patti (29325)

There are different types of models: fashion (swimsuit, haute couture, sportswear, etc. ) photo, runway , specialties. Research the field to know your strengths. Personality, flexibility, radiance -these qualities are gifts, not cultivated. Go to open calls. Beware of offers to make you famous for a fee.


Answer by  tamkees (3203)

Aspiring models either need to hire a photographer to create a portfolio for them or attend a modeling school where a portfolio is part of school costs. After that, start sending photos to agencies and attend every open call you can find.


Answer by  doggygirl (141)

Start by finding a reputable agency to work with. You will need head shots to give to people at interviews.


Answer by  Dinagirl (182)

That's very difficult, you have tobe a fighter because there are lots of girls likeyou triyng tobecome models. Most of them have nochances but they belive they have so they travel they have portfolio's... they have money,,, i'm 18yearsold 180cm and everybody tellsme i should beamodel. But myparents arelike haaa!!!!

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