Question by  AnitaJay (107)

How can I be a model?

I think I can be a good model but I don't know where to begin.


Answer by  nycgal (125)

Your first step should be having professional head and body shots taken and then making appointments with several modeling agencies. At the very least, they will give advice on how to improve your chances. Usually they will take additional photos of you and they will call you if your image fits what their clients are looking for.


Answer by  angied737 (20)

To become a model, the first thing you should do is take some professional head shots and build a portfolio to send to various modeling agencies. There is a lot of rejection in this profession so keep a positive attitude. Also, beware of scams.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well, get a contract with a modeling agency. First, you will have to find out what agencies are in town. Then you have to take some photographs and send to the agency. Then you have to get approval from the agency and they will hopefully give you more contracts. Or go on Top Model, the show.


Answer by  aggiesan (314)

Modeling agencies require that you have a portfolio that includes a picture of you in a whole body shot, profile or close up. There are also qualifications to be a model like height and weight.


Answer by  Spock (261)

You should start by hiring a professional photographer to create your composite photo card. Once you have a couple hundred of those printed, take them to your local talent agencies and try to convince them that they should represent you. You will probably get the brush-off at first, but if they see you're serious, you might get a gig.


Answer by  robertofLA (17)

To get into the modeling business it is important that you have the physical characteristics to do so. If you believe you do have these you need to have some shots done and bring them in to a local agency. Moving to New York or Los Angeles is recommended to truly succeed in this industry. Wish you the best.

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