Question by  suresh (21)

How can I tell the model of a ludwig drum?

I have a drum set but am unsure of the model.


Answer by  jpeltz09 (52)

There a few good ways to find out what model your Ludwig drum is. The best possible solution would be to go to a music store and have a specialist look it over. If not, you could pick up a Ludwig catalog and search for the match.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well, just look for fine print on the drums. You will see that the model number is located on that. It is very fine in print though. I would look on the sides of the drum or maybe on the drum sticks. It may be located there. It's usually at the bottom .


Answer by  allergictome (69)

Ludwig drums have a distinctive badge. Older sets have a keystone shape badge, while later sets have a blue and olive colored label. Contact the manufacturer with the serial number.


Answer by  Sarah96 (52)

"Ludwig" should be printed in the center on the front head of the bass drum. It may also be found on a small metal plaque on the sides of the other drums.

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