Question by  Jessie43 (16)

Are virtual pets a good idea for kids? Does a virtual pet really teach a kid anything?

It seems like a waste of time.


Answer by  bennyboi (11)

Growing up I had a virtual pet. I quickly lost interest in this toy. When I got older and was able to have my own pet is when I learned how to take care of something rather than just myself. You can not really gain experience or responsibility like you can with the real thing.


Answer by  ace95 (256)

Virtual pets do help a child to understand responsibility. It prepares a child for a real pet in that a child has all the responsibilities he would have if he had a real pet. He can then see if he is able to handle the real thing.


Answer by  Eugen (27)

A virtual pet cannot replace a real one. It will make your child waste more time in front of the PC instead of outside in the yard.


Answer by  Michele13 (1188)

Technically,any game can be considered a waste of time.However,virtual pets are a good idea because they encourage reasoning skills and anticipation.Virtual pets help kids be familiar with timelines and cause and result.They encourage creativity because there are often creative aspects to these games that are different from real life pets.


Answer by  skullsniper (13)

It does teach kids the basics on taking care of a pet. It teaches kids to clean up after a pet and to feed it.

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