Question by  eyesfan (111)

Will a virtual pet help to teach my children responsibility?

I am considering letting my kids have a virtual pet.


Answer by  weeonelb (358)

Yes, a virtual pet can help a child learn how to be responsible since the child will have to remember to feed it and play with it.


Answer by  LariKyytsnen (35)

No, it won't. The virtual pets have too much in common with video games etc. If a virtual pet DIES, you get a new one right after. I'd suggest plants such as strawberries, cherry tomatoes etc. that actually rewards one for tending them. Please note that even that won't tell accurately whether he/she could take care of an actual pet.


Answer by  afamb (557)

It wouldn't hurt! There are a lot of virtual pet websites and downloads that you can get where your children are responsible for feeding and care. Give it a shot.


Answer by  xxaka (13)

It would depend on how much your kids come to enjoy 'playing' with his/her virtual pet. For the most part, try to limit the amount of time spent online.

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