Question by  Marloes (11)

Does a Pomeranian dog make a good pet for kids?

My kids think these dogs are cute.


Answer by  miekkro (82)

No, a Pomeranian is not a very good choice for kids. Pomeranians are cocky and self-possessed, are difficult to train, and will not put up with rough handling that you would expect from children.


Answer by  Lettie (95)

Pomeranians can make wonderful pets for kids but they need a lot of maintenance. Poms can live for a long time (15-20 years) which means that you are committing to a pet for potentially 20 years. They also have extensive grooming requirements because of their long dense coat. Their small size also puts them at risk of injury from kids.


Answer by  Drew73 (126)

Usually, yes because Pomeranians are high energy, very playful and entertaining. However you should remember that all that energy can be turn destructive when they're bored.


Answer by  dan1658 (185)

Pomeranian dogs are very cute but in general they are not good pets for kids. These dogs are in general are mean and get nervous around children.


Answer by  newarkdanny (459)

No, although they make look cute and kis love them, small breed dogs are not good around children. These dogs as much as larger dogs require alot of training and socialization which people because of there small size dont give them. Giving one to a child is a mistake.


Answer by  wienerdogfan (42)

Pomeranians can be good dogs for families as long as they are properly trained. However, any small breed of dog can be a bit snappy or prone to biting.

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