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Question by  mcHelen (24)

Where is the ear valve located on a Ford Explorer?

I would like to learn more information on a Ford Explorer.


Answer by  Momof3boys (83)

Hmmm are you sure you don't mean the EGR valve? I have no clue what an ear valve might be. If it is an EGR valve it should be located by the intake manifold. Of course I don't know what year your Ford Explorer is so can't give complete details.

Reply by Denver283 (76):
None of the Ford Explorer models made before 1994 have an EGR valve.  add a comment

Answer by  MaximillianG (116)

Take a look at your owner manual or pick up a book on your year Ford Explorer at the auto shop. It will give you instructions and also some troubleshooting hints along with letting you know what tools you might need. Go this route if you want to learn more.


Answer by  SookiesHere (119)

The Ford Explorer EGR valve is located at the right rear corner of the intake manifold. This is close to the firewall. You will have to remove the throttle body cover in order for you to be able to access it. There is NO ear valve on this vehicle.

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