Question by  kittylover (20)

How do you plant bamboo in the dirt?

I would like to plant bamboo in the dirt.


Answer by  bovineovine (112)

Buy a large pot. Bamboo will grow quickly. Plant in native soil not potting soil 2-3 inches deep. Water daily and keep in sun.


Answer by  Dana46 (2345)

Bamboo is usually very hardy, and can be grown in plain water. To move it into a dirt setting, make sure it is getting the same amount of light it was getting in water, and the dirt should be very moist, but not flooded.


Answer by  Taj (29)

1) Consider a planting pot quite big enough as bamboo grows fast and its roots need space. 2) Plant bamboo in the pot and fill it with dirt and soil. 3) Make sure soil remains moisten for good growth of bamboo, for this keep watering the soil every two days.

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