Question by  jwpolley (1)

I have been asked to make wood planks that can be used to serve food on. What kind of wood do you recommend? What should I use for drying oil?

I have oak planks that we are cutting and making serving plates but I need a product for sealing this wood that is acceptable for restaurant use.


Answer by  helen20 (354)

Do use a porous wood like oak for your cutting board. They are more susceptible to germs and food contamination. Choose a close grained wood like walnut, rock/hard maple, hickory, or birch. Use mineral oil on your board. Wipe on the oil. Repeat until the board can absorb no more oil. Do not use cooking oils because they turn rancid.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Any kind of hard wood should work well. As for the sealer, you need an oil that is labeled "food grade". A USP-grade mineral oil will last longer than natural oil and wont go rancid. Just apply multiple coats until it won't absorb any more and then wipe it clean.


Answer by  Ultimate (399)

This is a very important matter as the wood and lacquer chosen could affect the food, Oak is an acceptable wood to use, as for sealing try using Gabbots Sealant

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