Question by  Cvt (149)

Will Roundup kill English Ivy?

I need to get rid of some English Ivy.


Answer by  mb (5482)

You can use Roundup but it is not very effictive. English Ivy is particularly pernicious. I like to use a combination of bleach and water. A ten to one ratio is best.


Answer by  debi1954 (81)

The problem with English Ivy is that it should never have been brought to this continent. But, as to the question. Round-Up will not completely eradicate this plant. Even if sprayed without diluting, it will only kill the leaves and new shoots. You must dig down and get to the deepest roots.


Answer by  worker2597 (17)

English Ivy is an aggressive and can take over an entire back yard. Round will kill English Ivy, but you need to use concentrated Roundup and if possible expose the english ivy to sunlight. Also when using Roundup, be careful because it will kill many useful plant life that could be beneficial to your beds.


Answer by  Jalaine11 (2043)

English Ivy is hard to get rid of. You can try spraying it with roundup after cutting it low. The best way to get rid of the ivy it to cut the ivy down, let what is left die and then dig out the roots.


Answer by  Anonymous

Roundup kills bees!! Don't use it!!

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