Question by  triberocks (62)

How can I kill ivy?

I have way too much ivy in my yard and need to kill a lot of it before it chokes out other stuff.


Answer by  bluesky (50)

The bad news is you can't. The good news is that you can keep pulling it up and put in container pots as a companion plant. If you put the ivy in it's own pot, within the larger pot, it will not take over.


Answer by  Robs4thecubs (422)

The best way to kill ivy is with weed kill. Use a special weed kill that is farm grade so that it will kill the ivy from the roots up, instead of the leaves down. This will help to accelerate the killing of the ivy and ensure that it is gotten rid of.


Answer by  lou (792)

Ivy is a very hardy plant. The best way to get rid of unwanted ivy is to pull it out by the roots. Using herbicides may kill all of it.


Answer by  Anonymous

2 feet above ground cut roots 360 degrees round the tree & again 5 feet above ground repeat the cutting of every root. Next slash cuts into every root - expose inner pulp. Mask,eye protection , heavy gloves, paint cuts, lower & upper with herbicide like ROUNDUP.


Answer by  Zaka (2315)

Prepare a solution composed of bleach and dishwashing soap. Allow both liquids to sit for about an hour to fully blend them. Pour wherever you find ivy vines and their roots. The solution allows the bleach to soak into the root system without immediately killing off the ivy plant. This is caused by the detergents of the soap.


Answer by  wmgcgirl12 (293)

After pulling out as much ivy as possible treat the area with Round Up. One application may not completely do the trick as any residual part of the plant left below ground could pop up. To kill off those little sprouts, remove them by hand and cover the area with heavy gauge plastic and rocks. Keep checking for regrowth.


Answer by  ruffy (1117)

i pull mine all up then spray weed killer over the dirt to make sure i killed it all and wait a well then plant


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

You can either use boiling water and pour it on it or you can pour apple cider vinegar on it either one will do the job but you need to be careful when you do it that it does'nt get on anything else because it will kill whatever it gets on.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

In the spring when it starts to bloom, I would put weed killer on the base of the plant and that should kill it. Or start pulling it out now.

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